SANDOWN GROUP LIMITED (Company Number 10098756) Please note that we (Sandown Group Limited) are in no way affilliated or associated, or wish to be associated with “The Sandown Group Mercedes Benz Dealers” (They don’t exist, or even trade as “The Sandown Group”) Any suggestion that as the owner of Sandown Group Ltd I am Passing Off as “The Sandown Group” is a complete legal impoossibility. I do not sell cars and I am the owner of Sandown Group Limited as can clearly be seen at companies house. The companies listed below are using “Sandown Group” and “Sandown”as an umbrella to hide the nature of their true domicile and the source of funding. (Many millions of £). Sandown Motors Limited - a subsidiary of Selnac Holdings Ltd (Cyprus) Jacksons Investments Limited  Sandown Dorset And Wiltshire Limited  Sandown Surrey And Hampshire Limited  The Hampshire Motor Investment Company Limited Selanac Holdings Ltd (Cyprus) - Part owners Osiris International Trustees Limited - British Virgin Islands - The ultimate owner -”Parent undertaking” Our mission is to tell the absolute truth about “The Sandown Experience”, no more, no less. This is based on my business experiences with “The Sandown Group” since its “creation” in the United Kingdom. Google Sandown Group and they appear - leading to 6 Mercedes Franchises. No part of this “pseudo group” has any paperwork, bank accounts, or invoices in the name of Sandown Group. Gary Savage the CEO of Mercedes-Benz UK Limited has assured me in writing that “concerning your comments in relation to the Sandown aquisition of businesses with the Mercedes Benz franchise here in the uk, I am satisfied that Mercedes-Benz carried out appropriate due dilligence in respect of these aquisitions.” Well Mr Savage, news for you, “due dilligence” on a BVI holding company is not possible. “Sandown” did not acquire the franchises. A huge failure of corporate governance. Osiris International Trustees Limited BVI is the ultimate owner of these franchises. (But who owns that?) HMRC take note. Sandown Group? Sandown Group Mercedes? No:- Try Sandown Motors Limited - ultimately BVI domiciled. 30 Years experience claimed? Where? NOT in the UK. Perhaps South Africa? ASA take note:- Caveat emptor
              Now see who is Passing Off - A Search For Sandown Group Limited
So committed to “an open transparent way of doing business” are Sandown Motors Limited and the nebulous “Sandown Group” that they go under several different names, under an umbrella group that doesnt legally exist. They don’t tell the customer that they are owned by an offshore entity with the potential of tax avoidance implications. As for their 30 years experience, it was mostly in South Africa, NOT England, as they imply. Open and transparent indeed!